• About The Author

  • I grew up in the Northwest where there was a lot of rain and a lot of reading.  The library was a wonderland where I could imaginatively travel, and I have been traveling with my imagination my whole life.  I once heard Aldous Huxley say that the imagination is a critical tool if it is developed and I believed him.  I have been writing with my imagination my whole life: journals, poetry, short stories, etc.  As an English teacher much of my time was taken up by reading student papers; later, as an administrator I spent my writing time on newsletters, presentations, and grants.

    Finally in 2002 I was free to write fiction  full time and I did, producing six mysteries and, in progress, a historical fiction.  I have already outlined my seventh mystery and will be working on it this next year.

    I have really enjoyed writing these mysteries with re-occurring characters who have changed their lives over the years as they find themselves in California settings as well as in some of the large cosmopolitan cities of the world.