• The Justine Walsh Mystery Series

  • Murder in the Muirwoods

    Justine Walsh, begins her career as Marin County Sheriff and meets her future husband, an assistant to the FBI Director. After their marriage they solve the murders of two people before they take their honeymoon.  Along the way Justine becomes a close family friend to the children and sister of the murder victims.
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  • Murder on Coronado Island

    The second book picks up where book one ends as Justine and her husband take the long delayed honeymoon at the Del Coronado Hotel. Their honeymoon is interrupted by the brutal slaying of a general and his wife and they are thrown into solving the case. Little do they know that the killer will play an important role in Justine’s life.  Terrorist activities are part of this killer’s plan.
    Available in 2020

  • Murder in London England

    Justine and her husband are invited by Scotland Yard to help find a serial killer who murders blonde haired suburban women. Into the mix Queen Elizabeth, Prince Harry and the Clinton's all show up for a huge party in the castle of two aristocrats who have murder in mind.
    Available in 2021

  • Murder in Napa Valley

    The fourth book finds Jake, Justine’s husband, on his own in solving   murders in the vineyards.  Jake finds that what he is up against are two feuding mob families who want to take over the wine business in the Napa Valley. Of course Justine eventually joins her husband in solving the case.
    Available in 2021

  • Murder in Moscow

    A Russian master chess player, who is a serial killer, makes his way from Russia to Cannes to the United States where he threatens a close friend of Justine Walsh, Rachel Delos, a graduate student at NYU.
    Available in 2021

  • Murder in Ireland

    The slave labor laundries of the Catholic Church, the child abuse in the church and the overall  masking of the scandals, draw Justine Walsh into a dangerous situation when she visits her aunt in Dublin, Ireland.
    Available in 2021


  • Additional Books

  • The Lincoln Distinction

    Historical fiction about the Roanoke Island Free Men’s Colony.
    Available in 2021